Now here’s a worthwhile goal!

I have a new goal for the new year.

The goal is to do more things that make my customers want to thank me.

That’s it.

I figure if all of my customers continually want to thank me, I must be doing something right.

Wanna try this with your customers?

I bet we harvest some awesome results for thinking and working this way!

(You can thank me later)

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Don’t let them steal your business identity

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Ask the 100 year old

Want to live longer?

Talk to people who are 100+ years old and ask them how they did it.

Want to get great results when you advertise or market your business?

Talk to someone who has a long track record of doing just that.

Too often we buy into bright shiny media salespeople who have the perfect pitch, but no track record of success.

Have they ever guided a business through a stubborn recession, a weather emergency, staff problems, the hassles that come with road construction, or the challenges of facing a powerful new competitor who is stealing customers?

Before trusting your business and your brand to someone, dig deep. Ask questions. Ask for client referrals.

Like my sister Tammy, a nurse once told me:

“Before anyone ever lets a doctor operate on them, you need to ask how many of these same operations have they done before?  If it’s less than 100…get up and leave their office…and let them practice on someone else!”

Sounds like good advice to me.

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What’s the password?

We need to know the password to access bank accounts.

Same is true with home security systems, cell phones, computers, social  media, and more.

Forget the password and the world says, “forget you!”

This is also true in getting consumers to buy from you.

Use the wrong words and they reject your message.  Use the right words and your message passes through their defenses and enters their brain, where it can germinate.

(Talk to a young female school teacher differently than you would talk to a 54 year old guy working construction, for example.)

I know, this is basic stuff.  Basic stuff that great marketers like Apple, Google, WalMart, Disney, GEICO, McDonald’s, and Nike are awesome at.

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Shake the doggy treat bag!

Wanna see our dog Bentley get excited? Just grab his doggy treat bag and give it a shake. He could be sleeping clear on the other side of the house, but shake that doggy treat bag and he’ll wake up and come running!

I THINK WE CAN USE THIS SAME TECHNIQUE TO ATTRACT CUSTOMERS.  But instead of using doggy treats, you might offer free samples.  Free neck massages.  Free face painting for kids. Free estimates. Free inspections. Expert advice or answers to questions…

3 things matter:

1)  Know who you need to attract.

2)  Know what they crave.

3)  Tempt them with what they crave.

It sounds laughingly simple. And it is.

Shake the doggy treat bag, and watch them come running!


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The little things are huge!

How big are the little things you do in business? Click my article in the Business Journal to find out.

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Piling on your brand

You’ve got a brand…an identity.

You stand for something in the marketplace.


How much extra stuff do you try to pile on top of your brand?

For example… Let’s say you are known for having the cheapest price.  Cool.  But you also want people to know that you offer premium quality products, a well educated staff to answer your questions, free delivery, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Not cool.

That’s too much for the  brain to remember.

Apple computers stand for innovation. Ford Trucks are tough.  With Geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on insurance.

Simple.  Straight forward.  Successful.

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Need to whip your staff?

You win by hiring passionate people. Instead of hiring people you have to motivate.  In his book, TURNING PRO, Steven Pressfield makes this point perfectly by quoting a famous race horse trainer. Here is part of that quote:

“…Horses understand the whip, but I don’t want a racer that runs that way. A horse that loves to run will beat a horse that’s compelled, every day of the week. I want a horse that loves the track. I want my exercise riders to have to hold them back in the morning because they’re so excited to get out and run.”


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Veggies are worthless!

I bought some fresh carrots, cabbage, spinach, parsley, and lettuce recently with every intention of eating the vegetables.  The upstairs fridge was packed full, so I put the veggies in the downstairs fridge (which we seldom use) and I forgot about the veggies.

A couple  months later I opened the downstairs fridge and had a Homer Simpson “Doh!” moment.  I saw the veggies, and they had become slimy, mushy, and worthless.

I had planned to eat those vegetables, but, well, time got away from me…

Here’s the facts: Veggies are worthless unless you actually eat them.

And it’s the same way with our dreams.

If there is something you dream about doing, having, or being…

Thinking about it is not enough.

You’ve got to DO something.  You need to take action.  You need to follow through.

If you have a dream…

Do something right now to move yourself closer to realizing that dream.

Maybe it’s just an inch closer, but closer is closer.

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Be happy. Don’t give up. Embrace change.

In a dog eat dog world, my November 2013 article in the Sioux Falls Business Journal shows you how you can be top dog!

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