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The Key To Successful Marketing & Advertising

Many media people have this odd little idea that their particular audience is superior to another media’s audience.  It’s as if they think that their audience is made up of completely different people than another media’s audience.
But the fact is…people bounce from media to media, consuming multiple forms of media throughout the week.
Each media’s audience does not live on a private island totally isolated from the other media. 

Radio listeners watch TV.  TV viewers read magazines.  Magazine readers go on line.  People who go on line also see billboards.  One media may reach many of the same people as another media. 

Here’s the key:
Before choosing the right media to deliver your message…
Choose the right message to be delivered.

Better messages get better results regardless of the media used.
We could arm wrestle over which media is most financially efficient for accomplishing Reach, Frequency, and Branding…
But only after we arm wrestle over what your message should be.

Let see if I can create a way to tell your story in a fresh, enticing, and entertaining way.  If I come up with something great, buy me.  If I don’t…I’ll take a hike.
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