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When I was a boy, I helped grandpa on the farm.
He used workhorses instead of tractors.
Something grandpa would do was put blinders on the horse’s eyes.
This kept the horses from seeing everything that was going on around them.
Things like dogs and cats, other horses, even birds can easily distract workhorses.
And when a team is harnessed to a wagon loaded with tons and tons of cargo…
You need them focused, not distracted, or no one goes anywhere.

Are we like workhorses, distracted easily?
Are we less productive when distracted?
Do we need to put blinders on from time to time?
Yes, yes, and yes.
When my productivity slumps, I put the blinders on.
For one week I…
Take a break from all forms of news.
Eliminate interacting with negative and distracting people.
And, most important of all…
I start Brain Dancing.
Within days I’m rocketing toward my goals again.


(What is Brain Dancing?  Call me.  I’d be happy to share my secret with you).


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