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Slogan Secrets!

When I develop a slogan for a client, one technique I use is to tap into how people already think about that business. 
(No use trying to pretend you have hair when you're bald as a beet, for example.)

The challenge is to find a way to admit who you are, but say it in a really cool way that makes people feel all fizzy and emotional.

That's what WalMart's current slogan does.
Pretty much the whole world knows that WalMart has aisles filled with stuff to buy, and most of it is pretty cheap.

So they say…

Save money, live better.  WalMart.

(Bravo!  Bravo!)

That slogan says, "Hey, you're hip when you save money!"  "You're not a loser when you shop at WalMart!" 
It also tickles people to feel that maybe by shopping at WalMart (and saving so much money) they'll live a better life.  Heck, who knows, maybe you can go on a cruise, send your kids to college, (or buy an extra 12 pack!)

As I say, this is only one technique for developing a slogan.
But WalMart did it brilliantly.

How's YOUR slogan?
Does it pull like a powerful workhorse, or just lay there like an old worn out rug?
Call me.  Let's talk.

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