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Owning a word

Can you own a word in the marketplace?  You already do.  But is it the word you want to own?  See my article in the Biz Journal.

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Hearing from an old friend…

It can relax or motivate.
It gives you ideas.
Is it wine?


Somehow I had allowed the news, obligations, and life to pull me away from music.
I am listening to music again, and it is like catching up with an old friend.
Now my reading is more rewarding.  My writing is richer.  My business thinking more productive.

Music spreads warm butter across the dry toast of your life and softens things up.

Try it today.  Whether you are doing book work, creative thinking, or problem solving…
Turn on some music.  Maybe different music than you normally would.
Feel what happens…

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Better Results.

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