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Tunnel at the end of the light?

Maybe you felt business starting to percolate upward again, but now it isn't anymore. Perhaps you got to the light at the end of the tunnel, only to discover there's still more tunnel beyond the light. You need to make the next quarter better, but how?

You have 3 important elements that are totally within your control.  Elements that can directly influence sales and the bottom line.  Elements that can be manipulated without a ton of heavy lifting on your part. They are…

1)  Your products and pricing.
2)  Your customer experience.
3)  Your advertising and marketing.

Steve Jobs said: "We don't use focus groups to find out what our customers want. They don't know what they want until we show them…" On the surface that sounds kinda belligerent. But I don't think so. Apple knows their customer insanely well. When Apple suggests a product and price, people respond by opening their wallets.
Apple is also master of the customer experience. Very few Apple owners are pissed off, and if they are, Apple normally doesn't let them stay that way long.
Study Apple, Disney, Marriott, and Papa John's. They are all known for giving a powerful customer experience.
And finally, your advertising and marketing. Whether it's radio, TV, print, eblasts, tweets, or posts…your message should be fascinating.
Ads don't work anymore. Fascinating stories do.
To steal some ideas on how to tell a fascinating story, click here.

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