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The 17 dollar wading pool

It's just a simple, plastic wading pool that I picked up at Walgreen's for 17 bucks, but our young grand kids think I'm a hero for bringing it home.
The second they get to our house, they run out and hop into the pool.
They spend the afternoon laughing and splashing. Sometimes our puppy joins them. We just sit and watch them and smile.
I paid only 17 bucks for it, but we've gotten a million dollars worth of memories out of that little plastic pool.
Sure, it would be kinda nice to have a for real in ground pool at our house, but I honestly don't believe it would make our grand kids any happier.

And, as I think about it, the same is true with our customers.

We don't need to blow our customers away with expensive gifts and amazing acts of service…

Simple, bite sized, authentic gestures win their heart.

Mark Tollefson

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