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Carl the Hay Guy

Carl is my friend. He sells hay to farmers, and he makes a very good living doing it.
He may be the most down to earth common sense guy you'll ever talk to.
Our conversations have this way of centering me.
I remember when all hell was breaking loose in the world and with the economy and Carl and I were talking. I asked Carl what he thought about all of it.
He says to me, "Mark…I don't get caught up in that. There's not much I can do about it anyway. Besides, I have a job to do. I can't let things push me off the track."
He takes a slow sip of his coffee and adds…
"Whenever things start to get to me, I go load some hay. I don't look to the left, or to the right, I just keep grabbing bales and stacking them in the wagon. I keep loading hay."

Keep loading hay.

Good advice, Carl.

Mark Tollefson

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