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The power of your costume

My grandson, Brody and I fight with Nerf swords in my yard.
Sunday he came over wearing a new Power Rangers Halloween outfit and there was a new quickness to his step, and power in his poke. He swung his sword at me with fresh energy… “Sssswack!” “Ploomp!” “Crrrack!”
I felt like I was fighting two Brody’s instead of one.
It was clear to me…
The black and blue welts on my arms and legs were proof that I had battled a new Super Brody.
This phenomenon is not unique to my grandson.
Batman, Iron Man, NFL players, police officers, cowboys…all draw power from the way they feel in their costume.
For example, I know that when I am wearing jeans, I feel less professional. When I’m wearing a killer suit and tie and just the right shirt, I feel as though I can rule the world.
What “costume” can you wear today to make you feel unstoppable?
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