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Ask the 100 year old

Want to live longer?

Talk to people who are 100+ years old and ask them how they did it.

Want to get great results when you advertise or market your business?

Talk to someone who has a long track record of doing just that.

Too often we buy into bright shiny media salespeople who have the perfect pitch, but no track record of success.

Have they ever guided a business through a stubborn recession, a weather emergency, staff problems, the hassles that come with road construction, or the challenges of facing a powerful new competitor who is stealing customers?

Before trusting your business and your brand to someone, dig deep. Ask questions. Ask for client referrals.

Like my sister Tammy, a nurse once told me:

“Before anyone ever lets a doctor operate on them, you need to ask how many of these same operations have they done before?  If it’s less than 100…get up and leave their office…and let them practice on someone else!”

Sounds like good advice to me.

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