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How to feel local

At the moment I’m sending this out, one million eight hundred fifty six thousand three hundred forty three people had viewed the new McDonald’s ad on this YouTube link.

In marketing?  Run a business? You’ve probably already watched the ad.  If you haven’t…do.

It’s a powerful example of how even a corporate giant can warm our soul and feel as local as the sweet soft spoken grandma living next door…

(And…the business that feels the local-est wins customers the most-est!)

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Thank God for dirty towels

Abraham is a locker room attendant at the health club where I workout.

“Hello, Mark! How are you today?”

“Just fine, Abraham.  And you?”

“I am doing well, Mark.”

Abraham smiles when he sees my towel lying on the floor…

“May I take that towel for you?”

“Sure, Abraham.  Thank you.”

“Thank YOU, Mark!  Have a good day.”

I believe that Abraham actually likes picking up our dirty towels.  And if he doesn’t like it, he sure acts like he does.

Here’s my thought…

If there were no dirty towels to pick up, my buddy Abraham might be out of work.  And if he picked up dirty towels in a grumpy mood…he might be out of work.

We can learn from this.

What “dirty towels” can we pick up for our customers?

What unpleasant or inconvenient things are we willing to take care of for our customers?

If we won’t do it…our customers might find someone who will.

And, oh yeah…we need to smile while we do it.







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