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7 things

He is rich, well known, and successful and about 15 years ago I had a chance to ask him a question.

“What’s the biggest reason for your success?” I asked.

“Besides dumb luck?” He flashed me a smile. “It’s my ability to do only 7 things each day.”

My “I don’t get it” expression didn’t go unnoticed by him.  So he continued…

“Think about it.  7 things is about all anyone can do in a day.  I know, I know, we THINK we can do more, and we even get lost in a flurry of activity trying.  But when the day is done what do we have to show for it?  A huge list of undone tasks, and a weary body and brain.  Nope.  Not me.  I select only 7 things.  MEANINGFUL things.  And I do them.”

“But…what if there are more things that need to be done?”

As he turned to return to the podium (the crowd was waiting), he looked back at me and whispered, “Delegate that crap!”

Good advice.

Try it.




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