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Turn up the guitar!

I am the sound man for our church services a couple Sundays each month. Rehearsals can be challenging. Mostly because so many of the performers have their own ideas of how things should sound. Many of them come up to me and say things like: “Are the guitars loud enough?” “Maybe you should turn up the vocalists.” “I can’t hear the piano.” “How come the drums are so loud?”

Other sound guys often get bothered when people offer their opinions. “Who are they to question my work,” they might think.

But…I listen.

I can’t say I always agree with people when they suggest ways to improve the sound.

But…I listen.

Who knows…someone might have a suggestion that turns a so so musical performance into “woe baby that’s awesome!!!”

I’m attempting to do the same thing in business. Trying to encourage those around me to suggest ways to improve on my ideas.

Trying to keep my ego subdued when they do.

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