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Climate change & your business

You don’t notice it, but your shoppers do.

No background music setting a positive mood. No special scent in your store. No one available to answer a customer’s question. Empty spaces on the shelves. No one smiling. And, well, you get it.

Many little things affect the “climate” in your business.

Walt Disney walked the streets of Disneyland one day and noticed that you couldn’t smell popcorn in a certain section of the park. They instantly fixed that by adding a popcorn machine there.


Walk your isles. Get a feel for the climate in your store.

Is it time for climate change?

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Please shut up!!!

You groan and force another fake smile as they continue to blab on and on about their vacation.

“…and  here’s a picture of us standing in front of the hotel…and here we are in the hotel lobby…and this is us tipping the nice boy who brought our luggage up…oh, and…”

They’ve been at it for what feels like hours, and your brain is about to explode.


The same thing happens with boring advertising messages.

(Sort of)

But, with advertising, we won’t keep pretending we’re interested.


With boring advertising, we just reach over and click off the station, turn the page, or skip forward through the ad.

Roy Williams sez you need to move the needle on their “I give a crap meter” with your ads.


Blah blah blah conversation is a pain in the butt in real life.

It’s a waste of money in advertising.

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